Jakub Caban, Bartosz Idzikowski

Paweł Nizioł


You signed up for this mission knowing that many have failed before. You’re leading, what the umpteenth group of scouts in search of a place to call home? Each day is the same out here, white snow and unbearable cold, but it’s the grim and desperate faces of your team that keep you from sleeping. After who knows how long trekking through snow, you finally spot something in the distance, an abandoned Generator. You’re almost out of provisions, almost out of time. You have six days to make this ruin inhabitable before you have to turn back and report on what you’ve accomplished. Will this be yet another false light on the horizon or a new beginning for your people?

About the game

Side Quest: Frostpunk is a new, exciting puzzle game from the authors of the Escape Tales series, set in the immersive world of Frostpunk – the globally acclaimed video game from 11 bit studios.

As you may expect, while trying to survive in this cold, stark world, you will have to solve riddles leading you and your people towards survival. 

Every single day will expose your weaknesses, and prove how small and vulnerable you are. Your job is to make decisions – however tough they would be – and do everything in your power to guarantee your people’s safety.

11 bit studios

Side Quest: Frostpunk is an implementation of a widely-known game developed
and published by 11 bit studios a few years ago. Frostpunk is a difficult story of human life in a postapocalyptic world and desperate attempts to survive. Each decision taken brings instant consequences, strongly limited resources make you cold and persistent,
and the value of living becomes irrelevant for the greater cause.

How to play?

Side Quest: Frostpunk varies from different games from the series not only in terms of the theme but also the mechanics – except for resource management, hope and discontent tracks that have a huge impact on the ending of the story, there are also workers used to explore locations. Each aspect here is strongly related to the elements known from the original game – the Generator, locations around it, and almost impossible to get resources.

You are the one to write this story – decide, solve the puzzles, and survive – day by day.

This Side Quest is different – it’s your call on how the game progresses and how your scouts will live. There are four different and very limited resources to manage and it’s your job to use them wisely. You cannot forget about the moral tracks of your team – they are as important as the warmth of the campfire.


  • Deduction
  • Puzzle
  • Science Fiction


  • Cooperative Game
  • Deduction

  • Storytelling

  • Worker Placement