Martino Chiacchiera, Federico Pierlorenzi

Zuzanna Kołakowska, Piotr Sokołowski


Despite covering less than 1% of the ocean floor, coral reefs are estimated to be home to about 25% of all marine species. Unfortunately, these vibrant underwater cities are dying. Climate change and its effect of rising sea temperatures is devastating the colorful algae that give coral reefs their brilliant hues, resulting in coral bleaching. Furthermore, other threats like pollution—in its various insidious forms—and overfishing are disrupting the delicate balance of reef ecosystems. 

About the game

Scientists from various fields, along with the researchers studying the ecological complexity and significance of the reefs, are collaborating to address the myriad challenges facing these ecosystems. Your assignment is to take command of a scientific vessel and embark on a journey of reef conservation. Hire the best crew, clean the ocean, and restore the reefs to their former glory.

How to play?

During the game, players take on the role of researchers and saviors of the oceans.
You will sail the seas, hire crew, explore the coral reef, and try to restore it to a healthy state. To do well, you will need to efficiently manage your resources and energy, clean
the ocean sectors of any pollution, and accomplish as many missions as possible.

Turn structure

On their turn players may choose to RECHARGE or TRAVEL. If they RECHARGE, they gain the rewards from the VP track . If they TRAVEL, they may deploy Reef Balls, move their Ship, play Mission cards and perform various actions. 
The game is played for a variable number of rounds. Once a player passes the 22 VP threshold, their turn is immediately interrupted to allow for Objectives to be handed out and chosen by all players. When a player has crossed the 45 VP threshold, the end of the game is triggered. At this point, players complete the round and play one more full round, after which final scoring occurs and the player with
the most VP wins the game.


  • Enviromental
  • Exploration
  • Travel


  • Area Majority
  • Connections
  • End Game Bonuses
  • Point to Point Movement
  • Set Collection
  • Variable Players Powers
  • Variable Set-up

Available actions

Explore the Reef – It action allows you to move your Diver marker one step on the Seafloor track. Whenever you advance on this track, you may also spend two resources of the same type in order to move one additional step, but you can only do this once per turn.

Reef Restoration – When you resolve it, check your Diver’s position on the Seafloor track. You may choose to resolve the effects indicated on the Seafloor Exploration tile directly above your Diver.

Hire crew – When you hire Crew , pay as many Coins as shown below
the chosen Crew tile and place the tile on your Ship board, always placing from left to right. You may immediately gain the benefit covered by the Crew tile.

Activate Crew – When you see the icon, you may gain a benefit from the Crew tiles on your Ship board. Some effects let you activate one or more Crew tiles in any color, while other effects let you activate all your tiles of a certain color. Each of your Crew members may be activated only once per turn.

Research Track – move your Scientist marker forward one step on the Research track. Your position on the track determines which Mission cards are available for you to take.

Key Concepts

Resources – There are three main resources in the game – algue, shells and cameras. The number of resources a player can have is limited by the Reef Balls on the resource tracks – the spaces blocked by Reef Balls are unavailable in the beginning of the game.

Cleaning the ocean – as soon as all the routes surrounding an ocean sector contain at least one Reef Ball, it is considered cleaned of pollution. The sector scoring triggers.

Mission cards – there are two types of Mission cards in the game – with or without an island. You may play only one card per Travel turn. After fullfilling the card, keep it face up next to your player board. All played cards provide VP at the end of the game. Additionaly each set of three different suits (colors) gives you 4 VP immidiately.

Objective cards – As soon as any player has reached or passed the 22 VP threshold, the game pauses momentarily. Each player will get their own Objective card that will provide additional VP in the end of the game.

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