Board&Dice designs, develops, and publishes expert and escape room board games.

We aim to make interesting, deep and diverse products, each being a unique experience, and each sporting its own flavor and an engaging theme.


In November, 2018, NSKN Games (founded in April, 2011) and Board&Dice (founded in December, 2013) joined forces by merging the two publishing houses under the Board&Dice brand. Inspired by historical characters, events, or locations, or reaching far into the world of the fantastical, games published by Board&Dice cater to all different types of gamers: from the more casual family gamer to the hardcore hobby gamer on the hunt for the ultimate gaming experience!

Meet the Team

Our team consists of creative individuals who enjoy the process of inventing and innovating when developing board games.

Irek and Filip started the "first" Board&Dice in 2013. Since the very beginning, Irek has been focused on building effective and long-term partnerships with distributors, retailers, and localization partners all over the world. Irek wears many hats, as he is in charge of sales and administration while actively supporting all the company processes.

His passions are games (both digital and tabletop), running, and the Witcher universe.

If a company can have a soul, then Agnieszka is the soul of Board&Dice. She has been around since the very beginning, founding NSKN Games with Andrei, and managed arts and marketing for the first six years. With more people joining the team, she has taught and cared for the whole team. She is the Board Chairwoman and makes sure we all sail in the right direction.

Before Ola joined our team, she worked as the marketing specialist at another Polish board game publishing house. She is responsible for all marketing activities at Board&Dice and planning the company marketing strategy.

Outside of work she is a geek, dog mom, and U2 lover.

With Irek, he founded Board&Dice, in 2013, where he was responsible for art, development, marketing, and production. Now, he is a Product Manager leading the Art Department but has also been able to explore his passion for game design.

Filip is a huge Nintendo and retro game fan. He collects anything and everything related to Zelda and Mario, the best video games ever! His passions are games (both digital and tabletop), indoor climbing, science.

Board games have been her hobby for many years, which is why she opened her own board game shop in 2016 (now it has a new owner). She worked for another publisher for more than 5 years. She prefers eurogames but loves area-control as well. Arleta is using her skills now by supporting Board&Dice distribution and localization partners.

She loves to travel, trek in the mountains and cover miles on a bike. Lately, she has also been exploring the topics of meditation and mindfulness. Her life motto is "Let's celebrate little things".

Joanna embarked on her boardgame journey during grade school. Following high school, she actively engaged in game development at other publishing companies. Now, as the Head of Development, she, along with her team, makes sure that each game mechanic is polished and checked out!

Beyond euro games, Joanna enjoys playing titles like Netrunner and Bloodbowl. Apart from her gaming interests, she finds joy in miniature painting and indoor climbing. True to her name, she shares her space with a couple of charming frogs.

Seals. The greatest animals known to mankind. At least Ola thinks so. Perhaps due to their common interests: food and resting. However, as we all know, there are no rest for the wicked ... or Operational Managers. At Board&Dice, Ola is trying her best to make each project successful ... on time, that is, with the whole crew (ideally) still alive and breathing. She is managing weekly planning, keeps the tasks ... on task, and distributes hugs among the team members.

RPG player, videogame lover, and cheesecake enthusiast.

Karolina joined Board and Dice team as a community manager in 2022. She is responsible for all B&D Social Media accounts - she creates content, replies the messages, and keeps an eye on various Internet places where people play or talk about board games. She deals with diagrams, tables, and analysis.

After hours she is a tutor, mum, and geek. She loves craftwork, LEGO, alternative music, Pokemon, and Fall Guys. She’s a crazy cat lady, with colourful clothes, hair, and shoes.

In her previous life, Zuza was an architect and freelance illustrator working on a wide range of projects related to architecture, illustration, and design. Since joining the Board&Dice team in 2020, she began a new chapter as a graphic designer and created a couple of beautiful board games, tons of marketing materials and a few Kickstarter campaigns. She really likes to cooperate closely with various artists engaged in the process, composing consistent, pretty and functional creations.

After hours Zuza likes to experiment with graphic techniques and various handicrafts, wander around art museums, and watch weird movies. She is definitely a Potterhead and travel freak.

Sonia has joined Board and Dice as an Administrative Specialist. Her responsibilities include ensuring efficient document circulation, timely payments, document archiving and collaboration with other company departments.

Outside of Board and Dice, she also works as a cello teacher and cellist. She is a plant freak, nature lover and loves to read books.

A true solo gamer at heart and enthusiast of print&play games. He is mainly responsible for testing and perfecting the solo modes for new games, crafting the physical prototypes and communication with B&D fans on BGG. The game he will play until his death is Gaia Project.

When he is not playing board games, he delves into everything sci-fi (especially Star Trek), and commits to headbanging to the metal music (even in the office). Fan of retro video games like Final Fantasy VI and early generations of Pokemon.

After a few freelance projects connected to game design, Zbyszek decided to leave the world of advertising agencies behind him and embark on a board game adventure. Since 2019, he takes care of the graphic design for Board&Dice products.

Long-time gamer, fan of cinema, comics, storytelling and traveling.​

Maciej joined Board and Dice in 2022 to take over production and logistics. He is responsible for making sure that B&D's games look like Art and Development Teams imagined, producing them in quantities that Sales team requires and then delivering them to our warehouses. Also he is part of the Development Team.

Apart from playing board games he also loves watching football and ski jumping, playing video games and listening to metal music.​

Michał is a dedicated gamer. He led a board game club for 5 years and a board game testing group for 3 years. With a vast library of over 3000 video games and 500 board games, he's now part of B&D's Game Development Team. His primary role involves managing the testing process, overseeing 3 groups comprising over 200 skilled testers.

Additionally, he handles discord communication, game assessments, and more.

Beyond gaming, Michał enjoys manga, fantasy books, playing guitar, and spending time with his dog.

Core Values

At Board&Dice, we condemn all expressions of discrimination and bigotry, whether related to gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, ethnicity, culture, age, or religion. We are proud to continue on our path of actively working toward positive change, both in terms of continued internal education and changes, but also with regards to those with whom we choose to work.

We advocate for diversity and inclusion, without hesitation or reservation.

We advocate for respectful treatment of all cultures, particularly those which are not one’s own, especially if such cultures have a history of being oppressed or marginalized.

We consider it essential to hire cultural, diversity, and inclusion consultants.

We invite more voices to be heard. We invite those who may otherwise find themselves excluded, ignored, or silenced to speak to us so that we may listen and learn. We invite all privileged individuals to join with us in listening and learning.

We implore all board game publishers to adopt the same policy as we have just described above.