It’s the mid-19th century. For almost 150 years, the city of Barcelona has been considered a strategic
stronghold under military control. For that reason, it was not allowed to grow outside its walls,
resulting in buildings and factories being cramped within and making it the most densely populated city in
all of Europe. Living conditions in old Barcelona were very poor.
Shortly after the walls were finally destroyed, Ildefons CerdÀ, who is now considered the inventor
of urbanism, presented the plan for the creation of the “Eixample,” the expansion that Barcelona so
desperately needed. Its construction began in 1860.




In Barcelona, you will take on the role of builders in 19th-century Barcelona working on the new expansion to the city. Your main goal is to construct buildings to accommodate the citizens who want to leave the old city, and in the process, you will also build streets, create tram lines, and build public services. You may even decide to explore Modernisme, a new architectural and arts style that has been gaining popularity among the rich.

Type: Tile Placement, Worker Placement, End Game Bonuses
Designers: Dani Garcia
Artists: Aleksander Zawada, Zuzanna Kołakowska