90-150 min

Hazem Ameen, Kristina Gehrmann


In the ancient realm of Crete, amidst the sun-drenched shores and labyrinthine corridors of Knossos, the fate of the Minoan civilization is yet to be determined. As a member of one of the four illustrious Minoan clans, your destiny beckons you to vie for the prestigious title of Minos, the ultimate leader of your people. But keep in mind – unlike the tumultuous conquests of other civilizations, the Minoans are renowned for their pursuit of peace and prosperity. In this captivating journey, the essence of your quest lies not in the clash of swords, but in the art of governance and the cultivation of your clan’s unique identity.

About the game

As leaders of Minoan clans players are in charge of the first European civilization. Build cities, monuments and other structures, open new trade routes, expand and fight off outsiders out of your land, plan your actions with your clan council, research and issue decrees so your actions will be more powerful than your opponents! You have only 4 rounds to prove you are worthy of the legendary Minos title.


How to play?

Draft and assign the dice to the programming board. With lower value dice you can secure stronger actions but the higher value dice will help you climb on the tracks and gain their benefits. During the action phase each player takes their dice in order from highest to lowest and performing the pre-planned actions. Players also build their tableau – each card has an instant effect and a triggered reward connected to the specific action or die value they can use to make the action more powerful. Moreover, twice in the game players get Victory Points for their civilization progress in the region.


Round structure

The game is played over four rounds. Scoring occurs after the 2nd and 4th rounds. Each round follows the same structure detailed below:

  1. Roll all the dice and sort them by their value
  2. Draft and Place the Dice – each player must select a die, place it in one of their die containers, and then put the die container on an action space.
  3. Advance on Progress Tracks – without removing your dice from the action rows, join them into groups, divided by color, with total values of 9 or more. For each group created, advance one space on the matching Progress track.
  4. Take actions – In turn order, starting with the first player and proceeding clockwise, players take turns retrieving their die from the container with the highest-valued die. 
  5.  Income and Clean-up – after all players have finished taking their four actions, proceed to the Income step and gain Coins, VP, benefits and Weaponry. Place the number of cards from the player area and/or your hand into your Palace according to the position of your marker on the Influence track.


  • Civilization
  • Economic


  • Action Drafting
  • Area Majority
  • Income
  • Open Drafting
  • Variable Player Powers
  • Variable Set-up