Our projects

Polishing excellent titles is our thing - we have worked on various projects and given you the most incredible editions of your favorite games.
It's not all though. Big boxes and expert titles are also our specialty. During the crowdfunding campaigns, you could purchase games like Nightmare Cathedral or Dark Ages.

Read about these incredible campaigns run in recent years and learn more about our approach, communication, and love for board games.

Teotihuacan: City of Gods is an epic eurogame that skyrocketed through the BoardGameGeek ranking, landing in the TOP100 and never leaving these elite ranks since.

A great strategy game is back as a Deluxe Master Set! Superior quality components, new content, and great new options await!

Nightmare Cathedral is a strategy game for 1–4 players, where victory is gained by controlling the map, managing resources, and following objectives.

Dark Ages is a civilization building game that combines smart and slick design of the best Eurogames with the scale and scope of epic American-style games of combat and conquest.