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Want to contact us?
Are you interested in our games or brewing, and you may want to learn more on how to interpret some of the rules from our games?

Write to us at e-mail:

Our guiding principle in communication is simple: we respond to all emails within a maximum of 24 hours.

And if you have a question on any other subject – we will also answer.

For more information follow our Facebook profile – Board&Dice, Twitter profile, or see our projects Facebook profiles.

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2 Replies to “Contact”

  1. Hi,

    I’m Fabio, from Italy and I run (together with other writers) a blog about boardgames, updated daily and well followed in our country.
    It’s written in italian, but if you want to give it a look there is also a ‘google translation’ button (I don’t exactly guarantee about the final effects of the translation).

    However, I’m writing you only to tell that I noticed your upcoming game (dice brewing) and I’d like to write something about it (maybe a small preview). If you like the idea, please send me a pdf of the rules (as soon as they’ll be completed with images and available in english) to my email.

    Ciao (something like ‘bye bye’) from Italy


  2. Hi, I´am Wolfram from, Germanys biggest seller in Board Games.
    We have meet us last year on the Essen Fair, and we have speake about Piwne Imperium and German Crowdfunding. I think your new game looks very interesting for that. If you are interested in german Crowdfunding, please take a look on our website You can choose the language to english or 5 other languages. Please let me know if it´s interesting for you and you game. Maybe we can work together for that game, or an project in the future, and we can meet us at the Essen fair again.

    Best regards Wolfram

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