Pyramid of the Sun

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Pyramid of the Sun is a 2-4 player game that takes 10-20 minutes. Simple rules, fast gameplay, and gorgeous art make it a perfect light strategy game for friends and family!

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Basic information
Players: 2-5
Age: 8+
Playtime: 10-20 min
Designer: Fréderic Moyersoen
Artist: Magdalena Markowska

Pyramid of the Sun follows a very simple turn structure: on your turn you either play cards from your hand, or draw 2 cards. Playing cards allows you to score points. As the pyramid grows taller, you have an opportunity to score more and more – but the higher the possible score, the fewer spaces you have to play your cards.

If you want to win, you need to be smarter than your opponents: play your cards right, find the perfect time to use them, and score the most points. Outwit your friends and become the true builder of the Pyramid of the Sun!

The rules are here.

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