Black Skull Island

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You’ve robbed from the Dutch, the French, the English, and the Spanish, and you’ve brought your treasures to the Black Skull Island to divide the plunder. Alas, you are not alone, and everyone wants to leave with a hoard of gold! Do you have the wits and skill to sail away the richest?

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Basic information
Type: party game with pirates. Do you really need more?
Players: 2-9
Playtime: 15-25 min
Age: 8+
Designer: Luigi Ferrini
Artist: Magdalena Markowska

Black Skull Island is played over several rounds. Every round, each player will play a Character Card (or two, if you are playing a 2-player game) face down on the table. When everyone has chosen which Characters to play, all Character Cards are flipped face-up, and their special abilities are resolved in the order of their respective Activation Numbers (the lowest numbered card is resolved first).

After resolving all Character abilities, each player takes back the Character or Characters still in front of them. If at that point any player has 7 or more Booty Cards in front of them, the game ends, and Booty is counted to see who wins.

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