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Books of Time


Books of Time is available for preorder. The delivery is planned for the first week of June 2023

If you buy Books of Time in preorder, you will also receive Books of Time: Pele promo, Books of Time: Trade book promo, and Mandala Stones for free!

Books of Time: Pele promo card


PREORDER! Delivery is planned in the first week of June 2023

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Books of Time: Trade book promo


PREORDER! Delivery is planned in the first week of June 2023

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Nightmare Cathedral


Open your eyes. Do you see the perilous land of dreams and nightmares before you? A vision of beauty and horror is but the first step on your way to become a strategist, a conqueror, and perhaps even the victor. Delve into the disturbing landscapes and choose your destiny. Will you follow your personal dreams to project your power? Will you tread the ritual path leading you into lucidity? Will you embrace the nightmare and satiate the eternal hunger of the Cathedral? Whichever you choose, steel yourself for a brutal and treacherous conflict, for your opponents embark on this journey with the same goal as you, and even the land itself rises up to resist those who wish to become its masters.

Teotihuacan Deluxe Master Set

A great strategy game returns more beautiful than ever!
Super quality components, all previous content in one box, refreshed graphic design, and new art from Olek Zawada!​