Exodus: Event Horizon

Exodus: Event Horizon

Type: Expansion, 4X, Empire Building, Resource Management, Asymmetrical Player Powers
An expansion by: Rainer Åhlfors, Andrei Novac
Art by: Rainer Åhlfors, David J. Coffey, Agnieszka Kopera, Odysseas Stamoglou
Players: 1–6
Play time: 60–180 min
Age: 14+
Release date: October 2017 (no retail release)
Status: Out of print

BGG Profile

Exodus: Event Horizon marks a significant step in the Exodus universe! Among its ten expansion modules, each representing a new or enhanced experience, Exodus: Event Horizon introduces a scaling Centaurian resistance, exploration, new planet types, leaders, and more.

The expansion also contains two scenarios that provide brand new ways to enjoy the game, including both cooperative and semi-cooperative game modes, a flexible solo-mode, and a scenario that introduces timed game events.

NOTE: This is an expansion for Exodus: Proxima Centauri. A copy of the base game is required to play.