Exodus Chronicles

Exodus Chronicles

Type: 4X, Empire Building, Action Selection, Resource Management, Asymmetrical Player Powers
A game by: Andrei Novac, Rainer Åhlfors
Solo mode by: Rainer Åhlfors
Art by: Jakub Fajtanowski, Paulina Wach, Rainer Åhlfors
Players: 1–6
Play time: 60–180 min
Age: 14+
Release date: TBA (unreleased)
Status: In development

BGG Profile

In Exodus Chronicles you take on the role of one of six human factions, fighting for survival and dominance in an empire-building saga of epic proportions! Choose the primary path of your faction and elect the leader you believe is most capable of guiding your faction towards victory. Along the way, you must make clever decisions at every turn as you explore the sectors surrounding your home planet, expand the reach of your budding empire, exploit newly discovered worlds for their resources, and exterminate enemies that stand in your way.

Exodus Chronicles is a modern reimplementation and streamlined redesign of critically acclaimed Exodus: Proxima Centauri and its two expansions Edge of Extinction and Event Horizon. The game features six asymmetrical factions, each offering multiple choices of starting home worlds and faction leaders.

While the loved and praised game experience remains true to its predecessor, Exodus Chronicles is not merely a reprint of Exodus: Proxima Centauri. Each game mechanism has been thoroughly revisited and redesigned with the purpose of improving, enhancing, and streamlining game play.