– Where the hell am I…?

InBetween is a game for two players, competing against each other to either protect or devour the inhabitants of Upsideville in a tug-of-war between the Human and Creature dimensions.

Save the inhabitants or… consume them!

During a game of InBetween, the Creature player is trying to devour the inhabitants of Upsideville by drawing them ever deeper into its home dimension, while the Town player is trying to increase cardsthe safety of the inhabitants in the Human dimension until they are secured from the Creature’s depredations. Players take it in turn to play cards and use abilities that will draw the Characters further into their dimension. At the same time they are trying to increase their Awareness of their opponent so as to enhance a powerful one-time ability that may affect the game’s outcome. There are several routes to victory in InBetween; a player can win by drawing enough Characters into their dimension, or by increasing their Awareness to its highest level.

The fate of Upsideville is in the hands of the players. Will the Town and it’s people be able to win and walk peacefully once again around? Or will the darkness triumph, and the horrifying creature will walk freely between the alleys?

What’s going on?

InBetween is an asymmetrical game. Where both sides of the conflict, have different resources at disposal. Today let’s take a closer look at Town player. Where all citizens stands together to protect and help each other.


First let’s check player decks. The Town have 28 unique cards. 8 of those are very powerful, one time use Equipment Cards that provide player with ongoing effects! good cards

Learning all of these cards may be tricky and takes some time, although players tend to remember most of them after 1-2 games. Even though it’s very hard (especially at the beginning) to count on a luck, to get specific card from the deck. Especially when we are hoping for that Shotgun to stop the Creature even for a while to interact with one specific Character, The Town is still more dependable on a factor that there are only 4 different Town symbols in the game!


The creature also has 28 cards in its deck. But there are only 7 unique cards in it. Each in 4 copies. This means it is much easier to get the card we want from the deck especially later on in the game we can remember which already were drawn and what to expect from our deck later on. Each card has its own symbol assigned to it. You can say that the Creature is a creature of habit. The Town should keep it in mind as well when building own strategy.

So while it easier to learn all Creature cards. It’s a bit more tricky when it comes to Character cards in the Creature dimension. While it was easy to remember the skill in Human dimension thanks to the icon or simply seeing the profession that Character is involved in. This isn’t the case with the Creature dimension skills on Character cards. They are random and the Creature acts out in a different way when it manages to pull a character inside it’s own dimension and play enough cards to terrify it. So Creature will have to learn all character cards before it choose who to focus first and which skills on character cards will help him reach victory faster and better.