We’re entering the world of Multiuniversum

We’re entering the world of Multiuniversum


You’re part of a team of brilliant scientists working on the super secret lab: CERN. While experimenting with teletransportation your team came across a wonderful discovery: portals to new dimensions!

Just imagine! Once a portal is open a whole new magical dimension is suddenly very close. All you need to do is take one step forward and you’re there.

The problem is… The crazy wild creatures from those other dimensions can now walk in.

Oh no!!

Close the portals NOW!

Multiuniversum - CoverAuthor: Manuel Correia
Number of players: 1-5
Recommended age: 10+
Playing time: 20-45 min
Release date:  3 June 2016 (UK Game Expo)

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About Multiuniversum

Multiuniversum is a card game puzzle where players use actions on their cards to do research, move between 5 modules of the Hadron Collider, preparing tools so they can close portals to alternative realities.

Each player has 3 cards on hand and 3 actions to make during their turn. Using these cards players can:

  • do research (draw 2 cards)
  • prepare a tool
  • move to any machine module
  • close portal
  • use module ability

When the player closes a portal he gets a sample form this universe (allows player to get bonus points) and knowledge points – described on card.

Each 5 module has one open portal. The game ends immediately when three portals piles are depleted The scientist who got the most knowledge points receives a Nobel prize and wins the game.


Multiuniversum rule book



  • 5 scientist tokens
  • 5 clipboard cards
  • 5 module cards
  • 20 portal cards
  • 50 action cards
  • 2 rulebooks (English, Polish)
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