Piwne Imperium 2.0 – That means Beer Empire is coming!

Piwne Imperium 2.0 – That means Beer Empire is coming!

Short introduction …

For some time we’ve been trying to write this article … it’is not that like we are lazy, or we don’t have heart for this game… But right now we try to prepare this game best we can so work we put in this title is huge. But let’s go! Here you can find some more information, about what you will find in Beer Empire.


You should know, that our goal is to prepare a whole different game… Of course it refers to the idea of Piwne Imperium, but mechanisms, (game elements which are important at the moment), need to be different… Now we can show you our idea of Beer Empire :)

Please remember that all arts and illustrations are in “work in progress mode”. They always need some work and can change later in some parts.

Like in real life… No concentration = no results…

Beer Empire is a game in which you need to be focused all the time, during your and other players rounds. This is important to discover the whole potential of all selected resources and of course to brew the best beer (which will give you all necessary “elements” and goals on the main board).

All game elements are related, all influence each other etc… Of course you need to build your own strategy, based on the situation on the board.

You would like to know how it works? Below we are writing about how important your recipe is and how it affects your actual strategy.  We will not write about all details – there will be time for that :) But you know, it’s is like with a good beer – you need to taste it slowly :)

Freedom in designing the beer recipe

While building this game it was the most important thing for us – such like main core for the whole game!

We wanted to give players freedom in building their own beers and to decide which goals it will give a chance to achive. Players need to feel that brewing beer in specific style, “popular style”, gives you a chance to achieve tangible benefits, but still it’s an option – your goals and strategy can be different, and game should give you such an option.

We have 4 beer styles in Beer Empire: Pilsner, Ale, India Pale Ale and Stout. They are located on the beer trends axis and they affect game quite significantly.

Zrzut ekranu 2016-09-04 o 23.35.58Zrzut ekranu 2016-09-03 o 03.24.22Each beer style needs specifics number of ingredients. If you brew beer in that way, your beer will be in “market trends”.

Where is this freedom you ask if we have 4 specific types of beer styles in the game? It’s hidden in the ingredients, which have different combinations of modificatory like: The Aroma, Taste and Color.



That means that you can brew beer in Pilsner style in dozens of different ways, and each of them can give you entirely different beer and its influence on Beer Fest or Beer Markets, where you will compete with other players. All this is based on  ingredients you can get and how tricky recipe you will build.

Zrzut ekranu 2016-09-03 o 03.23.25

Zrzut ekranu 2016-09-03 o 03.23.40

You should also remember, that beer you want to brew doesn’t have to be “in style”. Beer Empire gives you a chance to brew your own beer, which is not related to any beer style, but gives you a chance to achive your strategy and receive “resources” you need.

But to brew beer you will always need to get minimum – the basic ingredients like common malt and hops – without that you will not be able to brew any beer in Beer Empire.

Each recipe contains:

  • A mixture of malts (dark and light) and hops
  • Fermentation (open or closed)
  • and the type of container (bottle, wooden barrel, keg and can)

Zrzut ekranu 2016-09-03 o 03.24.52


Each of these resources can have a positive or negative impact on the beer brewed in many ways. A few examples below:


When we add this malt to our recipe, we will lose one flavor token and gain 2 cap tokens in your color.


This hop token will give you one taste token in your recipe.


And this token of closed fermentation will add one colour token but we will also lose one cap token from our recipe.

Why we are interested in different fermentation types or way of bottling beer?

In Beer Empire we will get recognition of our clients, while investing caps (caps are received while brewing beer in our brewary but they also represents player shares in the market – kind of currency – we don’t want any more gold tokens :) we prefer to play with caps :)) on beer markets – They represents requirements that customers have for beer.

Zrzut ekranu 2016-09-03 o 03.43.00

Zrzut ekranu 2016-09-03 o 03.24.14

If we will brew beer, which meets the requirements of customers of the market and we have our cups there, we will earn Prestige points (victory points).

The most important thing is that we can try to be the best on several markets at the same time and that means that while preparing our recipe, we can try to gain more points, by meeting the requirements of customers from more than one beer market at the same time!

What is also important, more than one player can have his cups at the same market. But only one player, who has most of them, becomes a leader of this market – that means he will gain more points from that specific market (of course when his recipe will meet the requirements of customers).

But as in real life, consumer tastes are changing, and that cause changes in the beer markets – even they can be eliminate from the board…. Of course it won’t be a random process – players will be able to accelerate the process or predict it. If the number of all cups on the beer market will achive the limit, beer market will move “down”, also changing the position of other markets. It can change requirements of customers, because new market appears in place of the old one.

As it happens in real life, taste is changing and the Customer grace is very “tricky”!

Beer market tiles examples:

  • This market requires brewing beer which has 2 or more Aroma markers.


  • This market requires brewing beer with closed fermentation process.


  • This beer market requires beer, “closed” in wooden barrels or kegs in “bottling process”


Beer festival – the place where the taste, aroma and color counts!

All you have read is also related with Beer festival! It will be launched  every second round. During the festival, the beer critic will choose the best beer from all of those submitted to the competition.

Zrzut ekranu 2016-09-04 o 23.52.21

What Critic is checking? Each beer critic has its own preferences for beer taste, aroma and colour… For each taste, aroma and colour tokens related with beer which was put into the festival competition, players will gain Festival points.

Player who will earn most of Festival points, will win the whole festival and he will be able to gain Prestige Points and choose first reward from four festival prizes (for example beer passion tiles, which is very useful, because they can intensify experience tiles effects, which you can use during the brewing process).

What is important, Beer Critic won’t assign Festival Points for all aroma, taste and colour tokens.  The limitation is based on markers which are put by beer parameters on critic tile. Of course their number is related to current situation on the beer markets :)

Each beer market tile affects the critic preferences – some of them force us to add some aroma, taste and colour tokens and of course some of them eliminate those tokens from critic tile. So as you can see the critics tastes can also change and they are very related to the current situation on beer markets…

Why to brew beer in a specific style?

We can brew whatever we can, so why to brew beer in specific beer style, which we can find in Beer Empire trends? Well first of all some beer markets are demanding the specific beer style, but what is more important, brewing beer in style which is in beer trend right now gives us extra points during Beer Festival, but also gives us possibility to gain experience tiles!

Zrzut ekranu 2016-09-04 o 23.55.46

Experience tiles are very important, because they can eliminate the negative influence from ingredients we use in our beer. They can also boost positive aspects of our beer (of course we are talking about aroma, taste and colour). If our ingredients don’t have any possitive influence, our experience tiles can change that in order to let us gain as much Festivat Points as possible.

While playing you should also remamber that 2 beer styles are always in “incoming” zone and 2 of them are in “active” area – they are our Beer Empire current trend.

Zrzut ekranu 2016-09-03 o 03.21.29

A lot of possibilities and flexibility with short quilt effect!

As you can see you can build your beer recipe with some kind of “freestyle”. And the way you will do that, will affect your strategy and is very related with other game elements. You can use your resources from storage as you wish and it’s always a element of your idea of winning Beer Empire.

There is also one element that can change your plans and be some kind of short quilt effect for your strategy. It is work plan. Which resources you will be able to use from your storage and how many passion and experience tokens you will be able to use during your current round depend on that element.

Zrzut ekranu 2016-09-04 o 23.54.53

Work plan in Beer Empire has very easy but tricky mechanisms, wich will cause lots of thinking how to use your game elements in the best possible way – where to put your workers, to be able to fulfill your plans…

More details about work plan in our next blog post :)

Now we need to leave you with some illustrations and visualizations from the game and from our Tabletopia  account :)

As you can see, Beer Empire won’t be the easiest game ;) so you will need to be focused during the play to release the potential of your brewery in 100% and of course to build your own Beer Empire!

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