Dice Brewing

Dice Brewing

Dear Honourable Dice Brewing Brewery Fellowship. With undisputed satisfaction and joy, we welcome you, young Apprentice at our humble brewery. It is an honour for us, that among all the job offers you must have received, you chose our brewery in particular. We are full of admiration for your previous accomplishments and the way you approach the development and cultivation of the art of brewing.

However, we have to verify your qualifications in practice. In order to do so, we hired you for a trial period which starts today! Apart from you, few other remarkable Apprentices started work at our brewery. You will have to compete with them, since there is only one Dice Brewing Master Brewer post. As you can probably imagine, it is not going to be an easy job… You will have to prove yourself in brewing various styles of beer, acquiring specific malts an hops as well as in enhancing the recipes with ingredients that will make your beers stand out. But that’s not all… Each of the Apprentices will be able to compete with others directly, make their lives harder using some unrefined methods!

Dice Brewing, which is traditional dice building game of our authorship, which in an interesting way shows the subject of brewing beer. This game and its mechanics is completely different than DICE Brewing mobile game, in version supported by DICE+ device. This means that backing our project with these pledges, you gain two games, in which you can experience different emotions and entertainment.

In Dice Brewing Players brew recipes using different colored dice representing the different components (pale and dark malt, hops) helping each with skills dice, different effects tokens, as well as cards of objects to support their “dice luck”. Players are also managing their dice and effectively disturbing other opponents strategy!
The game is based on the mechanism of dice building, in which the players during the game form and increase their collection of dice, to be able to brew more interesting and more difficult recipes.

The game is won by the player who scores the most of championship points with brewing different beer recipes and gaining resources in warehouse.

Game status: Work in progress – tests – preparing for release

Game specification:

  1. Number of players: 2-4
  2. Playing Time: 45 – 90 min
  3. User Suggested Ages: 12 and up

Dice Brewing Box Contents:

  1. 14 yellow dice
  2. 14 black dice
  3. 12 green dice
  4. 10 blue dice
  5. 4 brewer cards (player aides)
  6. 4 player boards
  7. 6 seed tokens
  8. 1 season/priority token
  9. 15 special ingredient tokens
  10. 18 action tokens
  11. 4 warehouse cards
  12. 4 green wooden markers
  13. 30 beer recipe cards
  14. 2 building cards
  15. Rules (English, German, Polish)

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