Beer Empire – about mechanics – continiuation

Beer Empire – about mechanics – continiuation

In out last post we described how discretion in recipe composing looks like. Today it’s time for more information…

Unlimited discretion in composing whatever you like would be too easy :) What to do with this?

At this point appears Work Plan, which in simple and smart way lets us set resources on a recipe, play experience and passion tiles and manipulate our market shares. Of course, all of that with appropriate short quilt effect. Often we’ll have to choose which action will be more effective, decreasing possitive effect of other ones at the same time.

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To the point, how does the work plan works ?

Work plan is the place where we schedule actions for the upcoming turn. Sending workers at different hours we achieve different efficiency on particular fields in our brewery. We start the game with 4 workers. They can come to work in 3 shifts (columns): at 8:00, at 12:00 and at 16:00

At the work plan board we also have 3 rows on which we can distribute our workers. There are 9 fields altogether where we can put our worker meeples. Sooner we send them to work, more effects (boxes) we get. Box icon is a cost of moving chosen resource tile from our storage to the recipe. It means if given malt tile has got 2 boxes besides, we have to spend to 2 yellow boxes to move that tile on the recipe.


For instance: If we put one worker at 8:00 (first column) and in the first row(moving malts and hops) he generates 3 yellow boxes that we can spend to move malts and 3 green boxes to move hops. We count all the boxes from the time worker came to work till end of the day (3 shifts – 3 boxes)


Most important is dependence

  • If we send our worker on chosen hour he blocks possibility of sending another worker on the same hour in a different row.
  • Also we cannot put another worker on different shift(different hour) in this row.


  • Instead of that we are able to send more than one worker on one field in favour of multiplying the effect.


We want to play 2 experience tiles no matter what. These tiles will help us to extract more aroma and flavour from our recipe and it’s gonna be useful during upcoming beer festival. So we’re supposed to send our worker at 12:00 in third row. This one employee lets us to play 2 experience or passion tiles. Unfortunately placing worker in this place blocks possibility of putting workers on this hour field (12:00) on another rows.


It’s important because we want to add to our recipe fermentation type that requires 2 blue boxes to move it.


Luckily, all is not lost. We can send worker at 8:00 in second row (then we gain 2 boxes for fermentation + 2 boxes for bottling and also possibility of displacement one cup at the market.


But… to be able to brew Pilsner style beer we need to take from our storage 2 malt tiles (from 1st and 2nd space) so we need 3 yellow boxes.


We have 2 workers left, but even if we put send them together at 16:00 they give us only 2 yellow and 2 green boxes… and it’s not enough.
In this case we have to plan it other way. Either brew beer in chosen style no matter what. In this case we won’t use all experience tiles we wanted and propably won’t win the festival, but we’ll gain a new experience tile. In this case we can still fight for other rewards on festival and concentrate on scoring as many points as its possible from market tiles.

With such dilemmas we’ll have to face each round, always looking for the best solutions. Solution that will use our resource potential or possibilities on markets and festival in the best way.

Well this is only one element of new Beer Empire… Soon we will publish more :)

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