About us

About us

Board&Dice Publishing firm is mostly three geeks fully engaged in games we intend to publish.

Board games for us are not only an idea for a business, but mainly passion, which enables us to develop ourselves in several areas at the same time. Since we are a small, Polish publishing firm we can publish games which are to our liking and which we find interesting.

To put it short—we can publish games which fascinate us. Just like it was with the Beer Empire or Dice Brewing which reflected our love for brewing, itʼs also the case with Exoplanets which reflect our huge interest in the cosmos, the typical area of “science” or mechanisms governing the universe.

We are fully invested in every title we publish, not only in terms of promotion or production, but we also support authors in the optimisation and perfection of their ideas.

The staff Board&Dice consists of three positively crazed individuals: Filip Głowacz Irek Huszcza and Bartek Hysyk, three geeks from Poland with heads full of ideas for compelling, unique and extraordinary games.

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