Ally Program

Ally Program

Board&Dice are proud to announce the establishment of an ally program for creative individuals, primarily aimed at inviting, welcoming, and supporting BIPOC and LGBTQ+ artists, designers, and other imaginative and inspired souls, with an emphasis on the board game hobby and industry.

We recognize that groups and organizations already exist with the same shared goal. We do not aim to compete or take away from any such efforts. Instead, we want to lend our voice and our support as a board game publisher.

Both as a company and as individuals, we (Board&Dice and its employees) are always looking for ways to continue to grow in our commitment towards diversity and inclusion, to foster an inviting hobby, to promote cultural respect, and to continue our own path toward better understanding, especially as these topics relate to board games we publish.

The purpose of the ally program is multifold:

  1. We want more voices to be heard. We want to listen and learn. We want to grow and improve. We are committed to continue on this journey.
  2. To provide a safe space for marginalized individuals and groups to have their voices heard, without fear of being ignored or rejected. We promise to listen and to improve. And, we commit ourselves to continue using our voice in public support of you.
  3. To commit ourselves, our time and money, in support for artists and designers aspiring to establish themselves in the board game industry. We do not imply that anyone is in need of help or assistance, nor do we imply that we have all the answers. But we are offering to lend a hand in any way we can, inasmuch as that assistance is wanted.

This hobby and industry needs more diversity and more inclusion. We need more BIPOC and LGBTQ+ individuals in this industry! We want more … and we want you!

What exactly does Board&Dice intend to do with this ally program?

We realize that this is going to be a work in progress. We do not have a rigid framework for how this is “going to work”. We are 100% open to suggestions and ideas.

How can we best invite your voices to be heard?

How can we best continue to grow and improve as a publisher?

What can we do to further our support for and commitment to marginalized individuals?

This is the “next step” for us — a public and open invitation for any artist, designer, or otherwise imaginative and inspired soul who is BIPOC or LGBTQ+. We will establish a dedicated (controlled and safe) space on our Discord server. We will also commit time and resources towards expanding our website in whatever way is necessary in support of this effort, and we invite other publishers to support this undertaking.

Participate. Engage.

We are open to feedback and suggestions on how we can improve. We especially welcome the voices of BIPOC and LGBTQ+ individuals to tell us how best we can be an ally and show our support and commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Please contact us, whether to express interest in our ally program, to give praise or raise a complaint. We want to hear from you!