B&D CON, April 10–11

Join us for a weekend filled with live plays, panel discussions, interviews, and special guests!

Both days, we will be streaming continuously to both our Facebook page and our Twitch channel. We also offer guided demos of our hottest upcoming releases—Mandala Stones, Origins: First Builders, and Zapotec. Visit our Discord server for more information about all the demos!

Saturday, April 10
Time Event Description Participants
9:00 AM 17:00 The big reveal! • Welcome to B&D CON: info about our events schedule, how to participate in demos, etc.
• The big reveal: 2022 Deluxe Master Set
• More details about Founders of Teotihuacan
Rainer (Board&Dice)
Theo (Geeky Gaymer Guy)
Johannes & Sunniva (Board Game Ramblings)
David (Man vs Meeple)
Scott (GTS Distribution)
10:30 AM 18:30 This QUIZ is broken! Put your random board game knowledge to the test. Is that an animeeple, or is it a plane? What is taller: a stack of Teotihuacan dice, or the obelisk from Tekhenu? Play along live! The Brothers Murph
12:00 PM 20:00 Creative Minds: Careful cultural approach Peek behind the scenes and see what the arts and graphic design process looks like, particularly the careful approach necessary when dealing with a culture that is not your own. Zbyszek (Board&Dice)
Rainer (Board&Dice)
2:00 PM 22:00 Geeky Panel: TOP 5 iconic characters We all have fond memories of geeky characters from our childhood or teenage years. What are yours? What are theirs? Find out which characters in geekdom have inspired them, whether in ancient times or recent discoveries. Filip (Board&Dice)
Marty (Rolling DIce & Taking Names)
Scott (GTS Distribution)
Stephen (JVMF / Just Got Played)
4:00 PM 00:00 (Sunday) Designer Dialogue: Andreas “Ode” Odendahl David and Ode talk about the design principles which act as the foundation for La Granja. Learn about what inspired the design of La Granja, a well-regarded game by a respected designer. Come ask your own questions as well. David (Man vs Meeple)
Andreas “Ode” Odendahl
5:00 PM 01:00 Creative Minds: Board game photography Steph will talk about her stunning board game photography which adorns game rooms everywhere in the form of an annual calendar. Hear about all the meeples of the rainbow and all the games! Steph (All the Meeples of the Rainbow / BGG)
6:00 PM 02:00 How to pitch a game design Designers often ask about the do’s and don’ts when pitching a game design idea to a prospective publisher. Learn how to best prepare for your next board game pitch. Błażej (Board&Dice)
7:00 PM 03:00 Live Play—Origins: First Builders Join Beneeta, Shrey, and Derek as they tackle the challenges of an alien-guided civilization at the dawn of mankind. Who will be victorious? Rainer (Board&Dice)
Beneeta (Beneeta_K)

Sunday, April 11
Time Event Description Participants
8:00 AM 16:00 Meet the Board&Dice team Meet our crew of talented people that comprise the illustrious (and crazy) Board&Dice team! These are the folks whose hard work result in the next shiny game on your table. The Board&Dice Team
9:00 AM 17:00 Live Play—Mandala Stones Come join a live play of the hottest (and most gorgeous) new abstract strategy game. While early reviews have showered praise on the game, we will let it speak for itself during this event. Rainer (Board&Dice)
Ola (Board&Dice)
Filip (Board&Dice)
10:00 AM 18:00 Designer Dialogue: Adam Kwapiński Jess explores the creative mind of Adam, the hugely talented designer behind Origins: First Builders, the big summer release from Board&Dice. Jess (Heavy Cardboard)
Adam Kwapiński
11:00 AM 19:00 Creative Minds: Behind the game artistry A board game is nothing without the contributions of skilled artists and illustrators. Come meet some of the people behind the games we all love and enjoy. Kuba (Board&Dice) Agnieszka Kopera
Magdalena Klepacz
Jakub Fajtanowski
Odysseas Stamoglou
Zbyszek Umgelter
Aleksander Zawada
1:00 PM 21:00 Live Play—Zapotec Join Candice, Marty, and Ryan as they visit the Valley of Oaxaca, home of the Zapotec civilization. Błażej (Board&Dice)
Candice (Board Game Breakdown / BGG)
Marty (Rolling Dice & Taking Names)
Ryan (Man vs Meeple)
3:00 PM 23:00 Designer Dialogue: Fabio Lopiano Steph interviews Fabio, a hot new name on the board game design scene. Where does he draw his inspiration from? What can we expect next from him? Steph (All the Meeples of the Rainbow / BGG)
Fabio Lopiano
4:00 PM 00:00 (Monday) Geeky Panel: Component monikers Whether dealing with corn, wheat, or kelp—or whether the game refers to meeples, keyples, or animeeples—we all have our favorite (or infamous) encounters with board game components and their pesky names. Rainer (Board&Dice)
Jess (Heavy Cardboard)
David (Man vs Meeple)
5:00 PM 01:00 Creative Minds: Content creation Stella discusses the joys and challenges of being based in Australia while the majority of high-profile conventions take place in North America and Europe. Stella (Meeple University)
6:00 PM 02:00 After party! B&D CON is over…for now. Let’s relax and reflect on the weekend that has been. What were your favorite moments? Everyone is invited!

Guided Game Demos
Game Time
Mandala Stones Saturday
1:30 PM
8:30 PM
3:30 AM
10:30 AM
Origins: First Builders Saturday
10:30 AM
5:30 PM
12:30 AM
7:30 AM
2:30 PM
Zapotec Saturday
3:00 PM
10:00 PM
5:00 AM
12:00 PM