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Beer Empire – about mechanics – continiuation

In out last post we described how discretion in recipe composing looks like. Today it’s time for more information…

Unlimited discretion in composing whatever you like would be too easy 🙂 What to do with this?

At this point appears Work Plan, which in simple and smart way lets us set resources on a recipe, play experience and passion tiles and manipulate our market shares. Of course, all of that with appropriate short quilt effect. Often we’ll have to choose which action will be more effective, decreasing possitive effect of other ones at the same time.

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Beer Empire

We were wondering for quite a long time, about how in the shortest possible way to describe the effect of many months of our effort… What is Beer Empire? Generally speaking, it is primarily economic board game with the elements of the card game. Players take on the roles of small breweries owners, and their task is the cultivation of barley and hops, dynamic development and sale of brewed beer.
In short, the goal of each player is to build your own Beer Empire.

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