Page Quest SEASON 1: Mythical Artifacts

Page Quest SEASON 1: Mythical Artifacts

Page Quest is an unique Print and Play experience! This is an adventure game that has different stories to take players through. Each of those stories will be divided to a different number of episodes and every single episode is a fully playable game that fits on a SINGLE PAGE!

Choices that you make during episodes will influence the next episodes or on the story overall. There are also briefcases that will be 8`to the players before every episode that will push the story forward and will include some extra stuff. So maybe it’s just one page, but the story is huge and we will make sure you will relive it with us!

It’s also a new form of PnP game, that will be distributed through the newsletter. Players will receive in e-mails a digital content periodically, this content will include things like: new episodes. Story briefcases, companions, different equipment and items. Thanks to game’s storyline it feels like a TV show that we hope you will come back to many times to binge-play it! Especially since it’s so easy to assemble, all you will have to do is print it and play it, no scissors required!

SEASON 1 will last for at least 6 months and includes:

  • 4 episodes
  • 4 briefcases with stories
  • some extra companions, equipment and item