Author: Filipozo

InBetween contest!

InBetween contest!

A very familiar group of friends have just visited our office after they heard about upcoming premiere of InBetween! It’s MENTAL!Soon we will provide more information about the game itself (like a rule book and more overview of the cards) and we will start our pre-order campaign with Essen pick-up option, but before that, we want to invite you to enter a simple contest! :)

And the reward is awesome! A copy (or maybe more if there will be lots of entries!) of InBetween game itself after the game release. You will be able to pick it up at Essen or we will send it to you after the Essen, if you won’t attend Essen Spiel!

So let’s have some fun with our friends that came with us from GenCon! We took a picture of them wondering around our office here it is a high resolution: 


We want you do something funny with this photo :) make a meme from it:

Or a short gif:

Or anything that comes to your mind, sky is the limit! Be creative and make us giggle:

Post it as a comment under one of the #InBetweenContest entries, it doesn’t matter neither which one or where – Facebook or twitter!

What matters is that:

1) The comment have to be under an original post (not shared or re-tweeted one)

2) The comment need to include this phrase ‘ #InBetween will be mine!’

3) And obviously the comment need to have an attached funny alternation of that picture  – also there should be  InBetween in dialogue :)

We will pick 1 (or maybe more) comments that were the funniest or most creative or inbetween ;)

The contest will be resolved before the end of this month! Don’t wait! Enter now!