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Beer Empire – about mechanics – continiuation

In out last post we described how discretion in recipe composing looks like. Today it’s time for more information…

Unlimited discretion in composing whatever you like would be too easy 🙂 What to do with this?

At this point appears Work Plan, which in simple and smart way lets us set resources on a recipe, play experience and passion tiles and manipulate our market shares. Of course, all of that with appropriate short quilt effect. Often we’ll have to choose which action will be more effective, decreasing possitive effect of other ones at the same time.

Zrzut ekranu 2016-09-03 o 03.21.29


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Piwne Imperium 2.0 – That means Beer Empire is coming!

Short introduction …

For some time we’ve been trying to write this article … it’is not that like we are lazy, or we don’t have heart for this game… But right now we try to prepare this game best we can so work we put in this title is huge. But let’s go! Here you can find some more information, about what you will find in Beer Empire.


You should know, that our goal is to prepare a whole different game… Of course it refers to the idea of Piwne Imperium, but mechanisms, (game elements which are important at the moment), need to be different… Now we can show you our idea of Beer Empire 🙂

Please remember that all arts and illustrations are in “work in progress mode”. They always need some work and can change later in some parts.

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We’re entering the world of Multiuniversum


You’re part of a team of brilliant scientists working on the super secret lab: CERN. While experimenting with teletransportation your team came across a wonderful discovery: portals to new dimensions!

Just imagine! Once a portal is open a whole new magical dimension is suddenly very close. All you need to do is take one step forward and you’re there.

The problem is… The crazy wild creatures from those other dimensions can now walk in.

Oh no!!

Close the portals NOW!
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Exoplanets – build your own planetary system

Number of players: 2–4
Players age: 12+
Play time: 30–45 minutes

In Exoplanets, players do not execute actions on a board or on specially laid out cards. The game revolves around a Star located in the center, which is the core of the budding planetary system. The game begins with Planets on each of its four sides, which are known to players and which have already been created in the system before the players start their creation process.

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Dice Brewing

Dear Honourable Dice Brewing Brewery Fellowship. With undisputed satisfaction and joy, we welcome you, young Apprentice at our humble brewery. It is an honour for us, that among all the job offers you must have received, you chose our brewery in particular. We are full of admiration for your previous accomplishments and the way you approach the development and cultivation of the art of brewing.

However, we have to verify your qualifications in practice. In order to do so, we hired you for a trial period which starts today! Apart from you, few other remarkable Apprentices started work at our brewery. You will have to compete with them, since there is only one Dice Brewing Master Brewer post. As you can probably imagine, it is not going to be an easy job… You will have to prove yourself in brewing various styles of beer, acquiring specific malts an hops as well as in enhancing the recipes with ingredients that will make your beers stand out. But that’s not all… Each of the Apprentices will be able to compete with others directly, make their lives harder using some unrefined methods!

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Beer Empire

We were wondering for quite a long time, about how in the shortest possible way to describe the effect of many months of our effort… What is Beer Empire? Generally speaking, it is primarily economic board game with the elements of the card game. Players take on the roles of small breweries owners, and their task is the cultivation of barley and hops, dynamic development and sale of brewed beer.
In short, the goal of each player is to build your own Beer Empire.

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