Board&Dice is bigger now

Board&Dice is bigger now

This is our first significant post on our B&D Blog, as well as first meaningful news for the upcoming year 2016!

As most of you know, Board&Dice by now had 3 members: Filip, Irek and third partner, who let us develop our publishing house a bit faster, back in the day, through year 2014.

Board&Dice crew

However, this condition goes away ! Well, it is a pleasure for us to announce that there is a new guy joining B&D Crew. Our dear friend and the good soul of Board&Dice since the very beginning, Bartek Hysyk.

If you had a chance to meet with us on any fair (Spiel2014, Spiel2015, or those in Poland Pyrkon2015, Pionek) you propably noticed that Bart was already cooperating and helping us in all kinds of „road” actions. But, what we’ve already mentioned Bartek is our friend since the very beginning (our polish debut Piwne Imperium) when he extended his interest in homebrewing (yes, he’s also a homebrewer :)) to board games.

Since then, Bartek was also testing prototypes, supporting our efforts and helping us in many operations.

2015 was a good year for us and we managed to move on to another level, which requires more support and extension of our team. We were not deliberating too long, we have offered employment to Bartek, who was also working throughout 2015, for our dear friends in local board games shop – Planszó

What exactly Bartek is going to do for us ? Well, as for the small publishing house like ours, he is basicly going to do partly everything ;) However, our first heavy goal is to focus on development and optimization of our online store (

Sklep Board&Dice

Here we are exposing a bit of our plans as for 2016 :) But for sure we can testify (without saying too much) that our online store Board&Dice is the element we want to pay more attention into. Bartek already had few ideas and he started to work on quality of product descriptions.

More information we will possibly reveal soon. Now we want to thank Bartek for years 2014-2015, and wish him pleasant and fruitful cooperation with those two freaks ;P We are sure that this upcoming time would be extraordinary. We hope our common work let us all accomplish goals and (we are not afraid of using this word) dreams we had set.

It its worth mentioning that you can catch up Bartek via this mail adress:


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