Board&Dice Web Store – new release and changes

Board&Dice Web Store – new release and changes

All goals need their time and work to become a fact. We have large plans for 2016 (which we will publish soon :)) and we are doing our best to release the all as soon as possible.

We were working hard since the beginning of 2016 and now we can proudly announce that our first goal is reached. Today we can release our brand new web store.

With the momentum we began efforts to update the visual side but also all product layouts of our Web Store.  Now you can check our work at

We have improved „the look”, usability, clarity, product layouts, descriptions… Just all aspects of our store.  In this place we want to thank Bartek Hysyk, he realy put heart and a lot of time to make all elements just to be perfect.

(below you can find some screens from our products)

But this is not all! We wanted to release our web store with bigger product offer (not only Board&Dice games – which we of course love ;)) and we have made it. We have invited to larger cooperation our friends from Polish Publishing League. And today we can tell you that in our web store you will find products from:

  1. Lucrum Games
  2. Phalanx Games
  3. Historical Games Factory
  4. Badger’s Nest
  5. and of course – Board&Dice

All products which you can find in english version of our web store are available to ship all over the world, so you can check what you can get from all the publishers.

Right now we want to thank very much to our partners from Polish Publishing League. Soon we will release more games and products so please stay tuned.

We have some more surprises soon so check or follow us on Facebook, Twitter or using newsletter – there will be a large number of promotions, cool actions like Board Games Callender and much, much more.

And meanwhile, we want to invite you to check all the changes here:

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