About January – reached goals and changes behind us

About January – reached goals and changes behind us

We published text about our plans for 2016 not so long ago. And here it is – February! We did a short summary with standart financial report, discussion of „in progress” topics and ‚to do’ list for upcoming month.


How it looks like? Due to our reorganisation of work and split of duties we accomplished all of short-term goals for january. What is more our sales and distribution grew up comparing to corresponding month in 2015. What we are most excited about?

  1. We ran our web store in completly new layout, along with new products. Now you can also get games from Polish Publishing League.
  2. We signed licence for Exoplanet for US nad Canada market. We’ll write more about it soon. Firstly we want to clarify all the details with our parter. It means our primary plans got extended and the effects will be tangible by the end of first quater of 2016. (But right now we cannot reveal more)
  3. We work hard on Piwne Imperium 2.0 (Beer Empire), Expansion for Dice Brewing by Bart Hysyk, Kickstarte Campaign for DICEBrewing with DICE+, tests on expansions to The Curse of The Black Dice.
  4. We are intensively testing and working  on Multiuniversum – logo, cover, tuning some mechanic twists, and lots of tests.
  5. We also push forward our „secret project” i.e. the game that only strict B&D squad knows about .

We also would like to answer the question we received from few people : „What is this B&D Beer Year all about? Does it mean we’re suspend projects like  Exoplanets, or Curse of the Black Dice?”.

Beer Year in Board&Dice

Hell no! Those projects still ocuppy an important place in our plans, but main operations will be in sequence DICE Brewing with DICE+, Dice Brewing Expansion, Piwne Imperium a.k.a. Beer Empire. We are descended from games about Beer and we want it to be our sign of recognition. But for sure we do not forget about our works and continue plans like:
Multiuniversum with premiere on UK Games Expo,
The Curse of The Black Dice – with lots of good inside :)
„Secret” game (It does not have anything in common with beer)
And we think about one more game as some kind of experiment…


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