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Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

Dear Friends!

Right before Easter Holidays, we would like to wish You a very happy time that is filled with plenty of love and happiness.
We wish You Boardy Easter! :)

Let this upcoming time will be spent with family with lots of love and happiness. Charge your batteries for daily challenges and goals that life is bringing to us.

Also We wish You all best in career field. Moments when reading similar mails You would know that what you do is right, or just simply feel moved.


Of course we are very thankful for all Your support and good word. What would we be without You, friends and players that willingly reach for our games and support us with words and hands, even in the most difficult times.

Let this Easter be Extraordinary!

About January – reached goals and changes behind us

About January – reached goals and changes behind us

We published text about our plans for 2016 not so long ago. And here it is – February! We did a short summary with standart financial report, discussion of „in progress” topics and ‚to do’ list for upcoming month.


How it looks like? Due to our reorganisation of work and split of duties we accomplished all of short-term goals for january. What is more our sales and distribution grew up comparing to corresponding month in 2015. What we are most excited about?

  1. We ran our web store in completly new layout, along with new products. Now you can also get games from Polish Publishing League.
  2. We signed licence for Exoplanet for US nad Canada market. We’ll write more about it soon. Firstly we want to clarify all the details with our parter. It means our primary plans got extended and the effects will be tangible by the end of first quater of 2016. (But right now we cannot reveal more)
  3. We work hard on Piwne Imperium 2.0 (Beer Empire), Expansion for Dice Brewing by Bart Hysyk, Kickstarte Campaign for DICEBrewing with DICE+, tests on expansions to The Curse of The Black Dice.
  4. We are intensively testing and working  on Multiuniversum – logo, cover, tuning some mechanic twists, and lots of tests.
  5. We also push forward our „secret project” i.e. the game that only strict B&D squad knows about .

We also would like to answer the question we received from few people : „What is this B&D Beer Year all about? Does it mean we’re suspend projects like  Exoplanets, or Curse of the Black Dice?”.

Beer Year in Board&Dice

Hell no! Those projects still ocuppy an important place in our plans, but main operations will be in sequence DICE Brewing with DICE+, Dice Brewing Expansion, Piwne Imperium a.k.a. Beer Empire. We are descended from games about Beer and we want it to be our sign of recognition. But for sure we do not forget about our works and continue plans like:
Multiuniversum with premiere on UK Games Expo,
The Curse of The Black Dice – with lots of good inside :)
„Secret” game (It does not have anything in common with beer)
And we think about one more game as some kind of experiment…


2015 vs 2016 Summary of last and plans for recent Year ;)

2015 vs 2016 Summary of last and plans for recent Year ;)

Some may say, it’s a bit late, some may say it’s unlikely as for Board&Dice. It’s because we prefer act fast and share informations about our publishing house intensively. But this time, we decided to make a few changes and plan 2016 very profoundly.

We change few significant things and update few less important, nonetheless those aspects absorb a lot of our time. In upcoming year we plan to develop distribution, our web store, international collaboration and publish few games that are important for us.

So basicallly now we invite you  to familiarize  with Summary of 2015 and plans for 2016.

We begin of course with summary of 2015. So we’ll try to describe pragmatically things that we’re glad about and things that made us disappointed.

From the very beginning we want to emphasize, that previous year was time of constant change, development, and intensive work. This intensive time brought us a lot of joy and satisfaction as well as  disappointment and many different things. We decided to analyse all of them before huge opening of new year. Due to occasion we also did financial and storage round-up of 2015. Just now, we can say that we grew up twice as before, considering  financial value, even comparing to both years 2013 and 2014.

Pracujemy przed Pyrkon 2015

This major growth gives us obviously a lot of satisfaction. It also means that the strategy we chose at early 2014 brings positive effects. At the time we weren’t quite sure whether it’s „beginners luck” or just opposite – the idea for Board&Dice we had from the very beginning, along with a ton of effort that we put into it, works out pretty well.

Now, we know that main course of our actions does good and it’s not going to change. We just need to refine some details on other fields of our work.

And now let us, synthetically write down things that succeded and brought us gladness during 2015. 

Pan Chmielik uwielbia kawę

  1. International distribution of Dice Brewing (Europe and North America) – at the beginning of the year we tied few contracts up, providing the game to new markets. It was a great joyfulness that circa 90% of transactions was continued with new orders. It is so important becuase we incesanttly believe in this game and still see huge potential in it. So systematic and solid sales are some kind of confirmation to this.
  2. Preparation and conducting Kickstarter campain for Exoplanets.
  3. Our first kicstarter and international crowdfunding on this scale. On the one hand huge effort. On the other hand happiness and new possibilities. It was amazing for us how people reacted and supported us. Not only financially but mentally, cheering us on and giving us lots of positive wishes.

  4. Quality of our games – since Piwne Imperium (our first game, published only in Polish) we’re very sensitive for whatever flaws. We care about every detail and do our best, so the product that goes to your hand would be prepared properly (even if this entails delay). Last year was coordinative challenge for us. We’ve been producing games in 3 different printing houses, so there are many restless nights behind us.
  5. Spiel2015 Spiel2015 Board&Dice TeamEach year, Spiel fair in Essen is the focal point of our publishing life. We prepare for them all year and manage the production in such a way that everything was buttoned up. Last year was an explosion of joy. The effect of a year of work, exceeded our expactations. Exoplanets took 17th place on the BGG GeekBuzz list, which was the highest position of the Polish games presented at the fair. We’re very happy, because it’s the best proof that people liked the game.
  6. LicencesConclave Editora
    We closed talks about the license with Conclave Editora from Brazil. They are publishing in Spanish language either Exoplanets and The Curse of The Black Dice. From other important movements in this field, we’re about to signing license for the Exoplanets on USA market. And we’re still running talks with on more publisher regard to Exoplanets in another language. Curiosity is that Dice Brewing had its print in Hungarian (not too big, but we’re pleased)
    Węgierskie wydanie Dice Brewing

What in our opinion didn’t work out in 2015? Co nam die wyszło?

  1. Reactivation of Piwne Imperium (Beer Empire), the game with which we began our boardgames adventure. For sure one of the reasons was lack of time, but also we fell that we have lost heart for this game. Lack of time, the need for a complete remake and other issues altogether caused postponement of Piwne Imperium. But it’s coming back :) You’ll find out in a moment.
    Piwne Imperium - turniej we Wrocławiu
  2. The Curse of The Black Dice on (Polish crowdfunding)

    Possible reaction might be ‚Guys, wait a second… Campaign was successfull,  you collected 26000 zł, game was funded, product delivered, so what’s the problem?’ But yes, finally we believe that we made a few mistakes. We ran the campaign at a time we should not(It wasn’t the best time for us). We learned few lessons and now we’re wiser. In our opinion each crowdfunding should teach something, even if it means changing our outlook

  3. Expansion for Dice Brewing.
    Has anyone seen it? Let it be the best summary :)
  4. Kickstarter DICE BrewingDICE Brewing z DICE+
    Which is our mobile game in collaboration with DICE+. Unfortunately, despite ambitious plans, we couldn’t break through formalities. When we did it, it was a bit late. But luckily in this case what is delayed is not lost – what you’ll find out later, in plans for 2016 :)

What plans we have and what we want to accomplish in current year? 

Co w planach?

  1. We have the main theme for 2016. For Board&Dice it’s going to be the BEER YEAR. 

Board&Dice Beer Year

  1. We develop our shop online – Now you can buy there  not only our games, but also games from other Polish publishing houses forming Polish Publishing League. Due to this activity to our crew joined the new guy – Bartek Hysyk. He is responsible for this matter and we’re also planning several actions with him in this field. So stay tuned because a lot of things gonna happen :)
  2. We start with DICE Brewing campaign on Kickstarter at the end of the first quarter of 2016.
  3. We’re working on Dice Brewing Expansion, which will include several modules that allow you to change basic play and add diversity to mechanics. It’s not only few more recipes, but something bigger we’re working on.
  4. UK Games Expo 2016 – June means we’re meeting in UK, but also one more important event, which leads us to…
  5. Multiuniversum

    Card game created by Manuel Correia, which international premiere we plan for UK Games Expo 2016. First open tests were in December. We’re glad to see people liked it. Next chance to play would be on Polish fair Pyrkon – make yourself invited.

  6. Big Expansion for The Curse of the Black Dice with several new play modes, adventures and variations of game mechanic, which is alreaThe Curse of The Black Dice - placate grydy known under many roofs. In this case we’re also planning Kickstarter. What’s important Expansion will be available with new edition of the game as well as for those people having first edition with Q-workshop dice inside.
  7. Piwne Imperium (Beer Empire)

Okładka Piwnego Imperium
YES! It comes back and it’s going to be main event this year (next to Multiuniversum release). Changes in the game are profund. We have completely new idea for it and the main feel comes to kind of unlimited fun of playing with recipes and creating them in a way you like. Now it’s going to be the game about brewing beer with a huge accent on having fun with ingredients and composing your own uniqe recipes. We’re changing almost everything inside and the premiere will be on Spiel2016. Before that we plan to make Kickstarter to release the game as fast as we can. Especially since markets indicate us their interest about it for 1,5 year.

Surely despite all those actions we continue to distribute Dice Brewing, The Curse of The Black Dice and Exoplanets. Those we’ve mentioned above are our new projects :)

We’re also working on another project, which is labeled as „Top Secret„. Except Filip and Irek only Bartek knows what’s going on. We’re after first plays and we really liked the idea for it. We’ll see what happens :)

As you’ve propably already noticed , we set ourselves the bar high. There are so many things that still can be done in board games world. It would be a pitty to let out any amazing idea. What will happen ? We hope cool games will be hosted on your tables :)

Na zdrowie!

Board&Dice Web Store – new release and changes

Board&Dice Web Store – new release and changes

All goals need their time and work to become a fact. We have large plans for 2016 (which we will publish soon :)) and we are doing our best to release the all as soon as possible.

We were working hard since the beginning of 2016 and now we can proudly announce that our first goal is reached. Today we can release our brand new web store.

With the momentum we began efforts to update the visual side but also all product layouts of our Web Store.  Now you can check our work at

We have improved „the look”, usability, clarity, product layouts, descriptions… Just all aspects of our store.  In this place we want to thank Bartek Hysyk, he realy put heart and a lot of time to make all elements just to be perfect.

(below you can find some screens from our products)

But this is not all! We wanted to release our web store with bigger product offer (not only Board&Dice games – which we of course love ;)) and we have made it. We have invited to larger cooperation our friends from Polish Publishing League. And today we can tell you that in our web store you will find products from:

  1. Lucrum Games
  2. Phalanx Games
  3. Historical Games Factory
  4. Badger’s Nest
  5. and of course – Board&Dice

All products which you can find in english version of our web store are available to ship all over the world, so you can check what you can get from all the publishers.

Right now we want to thank very much to our partners from Polish Publishing League. Soon we will release more games and products so please stay tuned.

We have some more surprises soon so check or follow us on Facebook, Twitter or using newsletter – there will be a large number of promotions, cool actions like Board Games Callender and much, much more.

And meanwhile, we want to invite you to check all the changes here:

Board&Dice is bigger now

Board&Dice is bigger now

This is our first significant post on our B&D Blog, as well as first meaningful news for the upcoming year 2016!

As most of you know, Board&Dice by now had 3 members: Filip, Irek and third partner, who let us develop our publishing house a bit faster, back in the day, through year 2014.

Board&Dice crew

However, this condition goes away ! Well, it is a pleasure for us to announce that there is a new guy joining B&D Crew. Our dear friend and the good soul of Board&Dice since the very beginning, Bartek Hysyk.

If you had a chance to meet with us on any fair (Spiel2014, Spiel2015, or those in Poland Pyrkon2015, Pionek) you propably noticed that Bart was already cooperating and helping us in all kinds of „road” actions. But, what we’ve already mentioned Bartek is our friend since the very beginning (our polish debut Piwne Imperium) when he extended his interest in homebrewing (yes, he’s also a homebrewer :)) to board games.

Since then, Bartek was also testing prototypes, supporting our efforts and helping us in many operations.

2015 was a good year for us and we managed to move on to another level, which requires more support and extension of our team. We were not deliberating too long, we have offered employment to Bartek, who was also working throughout 2015, for our dear friends in local board games shop – Planszó

What exactly Bartek is going to do for us ? Well, as for the small publishing house like ours, he is basicly going to do partly everything ;) However, our first heavy goal is to focus on development and optimization of our online store (

Sklep Board&Dice

Here we are exposing a bit of our plans as for 2016 :) But for sure we can testify (without saying too much) that our online store Board&Dice is the element we want to pay more attention into. Bartek already had few ideas and he started to work on quality of product descriptions.

More information we will possibly reveal soon. Now we want to thank Bartek for years 2014-2015, and wish him pleasant and fruitful cooperation with those two freaks ;P We are sure that this upcoming time would be extraordinary. We hope our common work let us all accomplish goals and (we are not afraid of using this word) dreams we had set.

It its worth mentioning that you can catch up Bartek via this mail adress: