Beer Empire

We were wondering for quite a long time, about how in the shortest possible way to describe the effect of many months of our effort… What is Beer Empire? Generally speaking, it is primarily economic board game with the elements of the card game. Players take on the roles of small breweries owners, and their task is the cultivation of barley and hops, dynamic development and sale of brewed beer.
In short, the goal of each player is to build your own Beer Empire.

In the box you will find, among other things:

  1. brewery board x 3
  2. action board x 1
  3. beer recipe cards x 13
  4. equipment cards x 35
  5. challenges cards x 20
  6. event cards x 30
  7. advertising cards x 9
  8. players chips  – three sets of 5
  9. commodity chips: barley x 40, hop x 30
  10. bottles chips x 40
  11. wooden commodity markers: pale malt x 30, dark malt x 25, hop x 25
  12. wooden resources markers: energy x 60, packages x 25
  13. wooden skill markers x 20
  14. dice x 4 (one dice of the regional demand for each player and one dice in global demand)
  15. round and steps markers x 2

Beer Empire Mockup

Mockup Piwne Imperium

Beer Empire is the result of efforts of two home brewers who their love for golden drink decided to reflect in a creative and rare form. This game have to be an interesting addition to beer tasting with friends and acquaintances.
Our intention is not the game itself, it is an entertainment, but also another kind of way to promote a culture of beer, and also allows us to understand how this beer is being created.
There were, of course a number of simplifications, we can not implement in one game all species of hops, malt and brewing principles used in each of the beer styles. So if you wish to spend time playing interesting economic game, we think that Beer Empire is for you.

We spent few months designing and creating Beer Empire and it was the most creative time in our lives. We hope that you will be interested with Beer Empire rules as well, as creating beer and competing with friends. Find also our artwork and all the components, that we want to create in highest quality.

Therefore, we invite you to try the game and build your own Beer Empire. Find more information at our Facebook profile, or Twitter.

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  1. This game sounds cool. If your package includes better components than just boring coloured wooden cubes then I expect to order a copy. Good luck with development!

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